Fixed Price Agile Projects

Our methods produce high quality results via iteration and refinement, but the iterations of sprints needn’t be endless. Arete manages Agile projects to a cost target based on constraints such as time boxing and clearly agreed definitions of outcomes and  “what is done.” 


Our approach to fixed-price contracts transfers the cost risk from our customers to us. We then manage that risk, in terms of deliverables, quality and schedule.


  • Effective, dynamic project management ensures the project stays out of the red    Therefore we implement a clear delineation of responsibility with our customers on the process for vetting and approving change requests. 
  • We focus on outcomes not activities 
    On a time and materials contract, activities are billable. On a fixed-price contract, our progress payments will be tied to specific, well-defined deliverables.  Part of our service is to coach and guide our customers in identifying how to inspect each deliverable, set clear acceptance criteria and how much time they have to perform the inspection.
  • Interaction with the customer is key, but not all interaction is created equal 
    We focus on meetings that produce the deliverables, manage the project and report on work planned and in progress. 

  • Change management is paramount to a successful project
    We ensure our customers understand the importance of communication, training, preparations for support of the system in production, and the dozens of other details, great and small.

The ethos of Arete is the pursuit of perfection and our experience and
effectiveness in planning and undertaking fixed price engagements ensures
that pursuit is never too expensive


Please contact us for more information regarding Arete Fixed Price Agile Project services.

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